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What does it cost?

One of our aims and objectives at What’s Your Problem? is to make access to justice and support accessible for those who may be financially disadvantaged.

As a not for profit organisation all of our fees are carefully calculated to ensure that they meet the running costs of our organisation. This allows us to continue the valued work we do without adding additional or unnecessary costs to you, our clients.

In order to make our fee structure as transparent as possible we want to make you aware of the costs of service:

  • All those wishing to access the service will receive a free initial phone consultation with one of our professionals
  • Where support is required, a face to face appointment will be offered to discuss further details and agree a service plan
  • Face to face appointments are chargeable at £50.00 per hour
  • When you instruct us to undertake work for you, a £30.00 engagement fee is payable upfront. This will be used to pay for the administration of your personal file
  • The services we provide to you, our client following your first consultation will be charged at £50.00 per hour. These services may include, all forms of communication with you, the client, 3rd parties on behalf of you and any actions that are required to fulfil the service plan
  • We offer a pay as you go service where each task is agreed and paid for along the way, or we can offer a fixed fee arrangement based on an agreed estimate of how much support you will require. Once a fixed fee has been agreed and paid for, there would be no further charges in relation to that agreed piece of work
  • We sometimes have available funding to assist with certain types of work for people who are financially disadvantaged. This is very much dependent on whether we have secured funding from other charitable organisations. If this is available, we will let you know, as we may be able to offer you a reduced rate
  • Our counselling service is available (subject to waiting list) at £30.00 per session. Please note, if you choose to go ahead with our counselling service following your first meeting, you will be asked to pay for your first and your last session (£60.00).

Our Core Values

  • · Safeguarding First
  • · Foundation for growth
  • · Justice for everyone
  • · Unconditional positive regard
  • · Strengthening our community.

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What’s your problem was set up to make the lives of people in Torbay easier. We offer confidential, affordable help and support with any problem, big or small and our main goal is to solve the problem so that your quality of life is improved.

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