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What’s Your Problem Torbay is passionate about the benefits of offering holistic services that support positive wellbeing. Our subsidised, low cost counselling service provides financially accessible counselling for those who are unable to access current NHS provisions. 

We often don’t consider a need for counselling until we face a struggle where our ways of responding are no longer effective. However, similarly to exercise and diet, counselling can be part of a wellbeing plan that helps you avoid crisis and improve the quality of your life.  

Benefits of counselling include:

  • Improved clarity, knowledge and awareness of yourself
  • Understanding the source of current beliefs, choices, thoughts and feelings 
  • Improved sense of wellbeing and resilience
  • Developing the quality of relationships
  • Building confidence to trust in yourself, your intuition and your decision-making
  • Develop positive coping strategies for problematic times and tools and skills to cope with future challenges.

Counselling is a valuable investment in your emotional, physical and mental health. A positive sense of wellbeing helps us to cope with challenges that arise and influences how we think, feel and see the world around us

Our Core Values

  • · Safeguarding First
  • · Foundation for growth
  • · Justice for everyone
  • · Unconditional positive regard
  • · Strengthening our community.

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What’s Your Problem Torbay

What’s your problem was set up to make the lives of people in Torbay easier. We offer confidential, affordable help and support with any problem, big or small and our main goal is to solve the problem so that your quality of life is improved.

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