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Consumer Rights

When you buy goods and services you have legal rights to protect you. If you have purchased a product or service that is not of satisfactory quality, faulty, not fit for purpose, or not as described you may wish to make a claim under the Consumer Rights Act.

Maybe you cannot access legal advice or you have been advised to make a claim yourself in the small claims court without representation, if so then we can help you. If you have not taken legal advice at all then we can help you to access advice about the strengths of your claim, the evidence that you need and any cost implications that you might need to think about. 

We help with many consumer issues. Maybe you’ve bought a car and it keeps breaking down or you’ve bought something online and it hasn’t turned up. Perhaps you’ve bought something that’s caused damage to you or your home, or you want to dispute a bill. Maybe you’ve already tried to get your money back but feel like you’ve been given the ‘brush off’ or perhaps someone is threatening to take you to court for faulty goods or service. We can help you write initial letters to try and avoid going to court, negotiate with the person or the business and point out your legal rights to them. If required, we can then help you to complete your paperwork, comply with the court directions and prepare you for the hearing. We can even come to Court with you if you feel that you need our support. Whatever the situation we will help in anyway we can.

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