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Legal Disputes

Many people find themselves having to find their way through our courts system without the funds to consult a Solicitor. Legal aid has been limited and the cost of legal representation can be too high for people on limited budgets. This means people have to represent themselves and it can be daunting if you have never been involved in the legal process before. It can be reassuring to have someone with years of litigation experience to support you.

We can provide as much or as little help as you need. Some things you might need help with are help drafting documents, understanding court orders, completing court forms, talking to other agencies, understanding the processes, taking notes or asking questions that you might forget to ask. We can also help you negotiate with the other party to try and help reach an agreement before any court hearing and attend the hearing with you for moral support. Our clients find this service particularly helpful and much more affordable than full legal representation.

Job Hunting and Applications

We are aware that jobs can be hard to come by, especially in Torbay and sometimes there are literally hundreds of people applying for the same job. This can negatively affect your life, make you feel down and like there’s no point in trying. We can work with you to identify what type of work you are suited to, find appropriate positions and then tailor your application and CV to the job you want. We can provide internet access to search for suitable roles if you need it and then help you identify the skills which make you an ideal candidate for that job. If you need further help we can help you draft your CV and covering letter and even print it for you, if you don’t have access to a printer.  Sometimes it’s just easier if you have someone there to help, support and motivate you.

Consumer Disputes

We can help with any consumer issue. Maybe you’ve bought a car and it keeps breaking down or you’ve bought something online and it hasn’t turned up. Perhaps you’ve bought something that’s caused damage to you or your home or you want to dispute a mobile, phone or internet bill.  Maybe your financial circumstances have changed or you’ve simply changed your mind about a purchase. Perhaps you’ve already tried to get your money back but feel like you’ve been given the brush off. We can help you negotiate with the business, identify your rights under The Consumer Rights Act 2015 and even help you proceed through the Courts or Alternative Dispute Resolution if you decide you want to take legal action.

Insurance Claims

In difficult times insurance can be a godsend but it can also be a nightmare, getting quotes, documenting losses, numerous phone calls and form filling. If you’ve made a claim for injury or damage to your property and you’re struggling to get the outcome you want we can help. You may feel like you’re not being treated fairly or the claim is taking too long to process. Whatever the problem we can talk to the insurers, identify any potential problems and help gather the information you need to resolve your claim swiftly, taking the stress away from you.

Money Worries

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Too much month at the end of the money? We can work with you to maximise your income and if necessary reduce your outgoings. It may be that you are entitled to more than you realise or that you are paying over the odds for something you could get cheaper elsewhere. We can work with you to identify the problem areas and devise a budget so that you can stop worrying about money and get back to enjoying life.  Maybe you believe you qualify for certain benefits but you have had your claim rejected. We can help you draft an appeal or re-apply. We can also help you access more specialist services for additional support if that’s what you need.  Whatever the problem we can help you face it and support you to find ways to resolve it.

Relationship Breakdowns

A relationship breakdown, whether it be a partner, spouse, parent or child can be incredibly tough on everyone involved. It can often have practical implications too, you might need to find somewhere to live or a new job, you might have children to consider or the threat of violence and all at a time when you are emotionally vulnerable. We can be there to listen to what you need, help you decide what you’re going to do next and help you deal with the practicalities. You might need to deal with the local council or benefits agency and need support to do that or you may need some legal protection such as an injunction. Whatever your problem we can support you through this difficult time and help you back on your feet again.

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  • · Justice for everyone
  • · Unconditional positive regard
  • · Strengthening our community.

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