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Benefit entitlement and appeals

We can assist you with your benefit entitlement and help you to make a claim. If you believe that a decision about your benefits is wrong, then we can help you appeal. Currently 74% of ESA appeals, 73% of PIP appeals and 58% of universal credit appeals are upheld by the independent tribunal which is separate to the benefits office. Before you can appeal you must contact the Department for Work and Pensions and ask them to look at the decision again, explaining why you think it is wrong. This is known as a mandatory reconsideration and must be made within one month of the decision letter, so it is important that you seek help to do this as soon as possible.

This can be a complicated process and can often require specialist knowledge and support. If, following the response to the mandatory reconsideration, you believe that the decision is still incorrect then you can appeal to the tribunal. At What’s Your Problem?, we take the time to understand your situation and we can help you draft a request for a mandatory reconsideration. If needed, we will then help you to draft an appeal notice, prepare your submissions and accompany you to the tribunal hearing. We can support you with every step of this process and our prices are based on your ability to pay.

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