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What happens when you contact us?

When you call our office on 01803 524044, the first person you will speak to is Karen. She is our receptionist and she will explain to you that your first consultation is free. Karen will take some basic information from you so we can work out who in our team is the best person to help you with your problem. If Karen is already on the phone, then you might speak to another member of the team or you might go through to our voicemail, but don’t worry we check our voicemails regularly so we will still deal with your enquiry quickly. If we identify that there is a conflict of interest, we may not be able to assist you and we may have to signpost you to another service but this doesn’t happen very often.

Next, the best person to deal with your enquiry will call you back the same day. Our team all work together  in the same office and we dedicate time each day to offer free consultations, so you will receive a call from us the same day that you contact us, unless you have requested that we contact you on a different day.

If you have a family issue such as child arrangements, divorce, domestic violence or counselling then it will probably be Angie our founder who gives you a call, as she deals with most of our family issues. If your query is related to civil proceedings or benefits and welfare then it could be Angie or our welfare specialist Nick that calls you, as he deals with most of those enquiries.

We will telephone you to find out more information and discuss your options with you. If your enquiry is urgent – for example you have a court hearing that day or someone is at risk of harm then please let Karen know when you call and we will try and help you straight away.  There are other ways to contact us,  you can email us at info@whatsyourproblem.org.uk or you can text/WhatsApp us on 07710 119457 and Karen will give you a call.

During the free telephone consultation we will answer any questions you have, identify all possible sources of help for you, find out if there are other services that you might need to be referred to and try our best to resolve your problem within that first call. If you need legal advice we will offer you an appointment at our next access to justice day where you can sit down with a barrister. If we agree that there is further and possibly ongoing support that you need then we will offer you a face to face appointment, charged at £50. If there is any funding available for the type of problem you are facing then we will let you know and discuss whether you qualify for free support or concessional rates.

If we agree that you need ongoing support then we will arrange to meet you at our offices in Paignton. We are on the second floor, so if stairs are an issue please let us know and we will arrange to see you on the ground floor. The length of the appointment will vary depending on the help you need but there is usually a nice cup of tea or coffee involved. If you need to write a letter of claim for example then we can help you to write this and include all the relevant information. If you need to make an application, a claim to the court or an appeal to the tribunal, then we can help you to draft this and prepare it ready to go to court. If you have a hearing already scheduled then we can help you prepare for this and we will probably ask to see any previous papers or court orders so that we can understand where you are in the proceedings. If you need legal representation at a hearing we can find out who is available and help you to agree an affordable fee. If this is not possible then we can make arrangements to come to court with you to offer support or lay representation in the small claims court. We will provide you with our terms and conditions and privacy notice and ask you to sign a consent form for us to keep. We will also discuss payment arrangements and set up a file for you. 

Whatever problem you are facing we will work you to try and find the best solution, keeping the cost affordable and avoiding court proceedings wherever possible. 

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