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“Thanks to Angie at What’s your Problem?, she helped me through a very difficult time for me and my family. She’s very approachable, friendly and extremely helpful. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thank you.”

“I was given Angie Manning’s number to contact as I was desperate and didn’t know where to turn. I was in the middle of divorce proceedings and needed help to get a financial order. This was an extremely stressful situation as I had been left homeless with no income. I tried to apply for legal aid, but the process was so complicated and I had no money to go through further legal channels. When I met Angie I had no clue where to start, let alone how to process applications or statements. Without her help, strength and support both professionally and emotionally I would not have survived this process and I will be eternally grateful.”

“My life is about to move into another stage thanks to Angie from What’s Your Problem? Angie has been working to set me free from a very stressful situation for over 3 years. At times I thought I’d never get through it all but Angie has always been on the end of the phone, text or email when life was at its worst. Her professionalism and direct train of thought cleared the path to make way to our goal. I wouldn’t have got through this without Angie and What’s Your Problem?, I will always be in her debt and I can’t recommend her and her work enough.”

“Wow is my first word of this review, I could go on and on and write pages of wonderful positive things I have learnt and experienced working with Kirsty. But to keep it short I am amazed at how I feel how I have new techniques to use to help assist me in my future. Kirsty knows her stuff and I have gained more in the months I have been with Kirsty than the years of other therapies I have done in the past. No luck needed for Kirsty as she is truly an amazingly gifted woman.”

“The robust Community Interest Company which was created to protect local and wider society members at their most vulnerable times. The members of staff are remarkably supportive and understanding. They protect your interest with all their might and you will soon feel as if they were part of your family. They share wealth of knowledge throughout the process and explain things in plain language understandable by anybody no matter what your abilities are. It is like using very down to earth knowledgeable lawers that don’t cost you an arm and a leg and just as good if not better. They also may give you a ring to make sure you are ok when you are having hard times, even if it is a Christmas Day – because they really care. They will stand up for you and never give up, until your problem goes away and life balance is restored.

This was from my own experience. Angie played such part in my life that I will never forget her and what she has done for me.

It’s shame I can only give them 5 stars as I would give them all stars in the sky.”

“In September of last year 2017 I was faced with solicitors letters and court proceedings from my sons father to whom I had separated from. I approached a legal representative for advice shortly thereafter whom was very helpful but being that I had a very low income I wasn’t able to continue to seek further advice and representation. I felt incredibly upset and vulnerable.

Angie Manning of ‘whatsyourproblemtorbay’ was recommended to me in these circumstances.

Shortly thereafter I contacted Angie Manning, her non judgmental support and caring attitude put me at ease straight away. I was happy to receive her support and guidance.

She and her team have helped me considerably through-out the last 9 months. The advice and her understanding have been second to none, she and her team went to great lengths to support me and my family in what I can only call an extremely stressful time. With her help, knowledge, and professional manner I had a very successful outcome in and out of court and will always remain forever grateful. She has brought the joy and positive future back to my son and I and hope she will continue to help many families and situations in the future. I feel very honoured to have received the services from ‘whatsyourproblemtorbay’ and it’s reassuring they will continue to help vulnerable people in times of need.”

“The service Angie offered was invaluable to me when seeking a divorce. I couldn’t afford expensive solicitors fees therefore the service she provided was ideal. Angie was always very professional & dealt with any issues promptly & efficiently. I would certainly recommend her services to others.

Thanks once again Angie, couldn’t have done it without you!”

Ms P

“Thanks to Angie’s legal advocacy, I won my disability benefit appeal at the obligatory mandatory reconsideration stage. hence, I do not have to wait many stressful months for a tribunal hearing.

Angie’s submission on my behalf was appropriate, efficient and objective.

I would certainly recommend her services to anyone who needs affordable help to deal with a problem swiftly and promptly, as she did for me.

She was able to provide distance advocacy for me, corresponding by email.”

Mrs H

“The way a court works and the all the paperwork was completely alien to me and when it is necessary to learn all of this for the most important reason, my children’s future, I was a complete fish out of water and very panicked- I really had no idea how to prepare bundles and how to get my points and feelings and worries across in a court environment.

Angie was amazing she helped me with everything, she organised me , and all my paper work and she was there in person many times to support me in court and when she was there she really helped me to feel more at ease in a really frightening and stressful situation.

Angie was always at the other end of the phone and even e mailed and texted me I knew all the way through that she was there to help me and it made a really horrible time so much easier.

I don’t think I can ever thank Angie enough for what she has done for my family. Attending court before her I felt barristers and others in the court could force me into decisions I didn’t want to take for the welfare of my children, Angie gave me the confidence to speak out and get the best outcome for my family.

Not only has Angie helped me in so many practical ways she helped to change the future for my children. She has enhanced their little lives by giving their mother the tools to get all the right and important facts across to the court.

Angie even provided me with a barrister for the final hearing which made a huge difference and was extremely helpful.

The work that Angie does is invaluable and she also genuinely cares because she is a lovely woman and is so approachable.

Myself and my family will be forever grateful to her for all the time she has put into helping us so successfully.

Thank you Angie”

Mrs H

“Ms Manning is a professional experienced legal advocate; assisting and supporting me through some very difficult times. Her attention to detail, patience and communication is faultless. My personal situation has been challenging and Ms Manning has successfully represented me, submitted documents to authorities, and followed through on promises made with successful outcomes.

I have and will continue to recommend Ms Manning to anyone who needs support with legal and benefit challenges. Ms Manning closes the gaps between those who need legal support but can’t afford mainstream solicitors.

She represents the ‘little people’ who need help and is a legal angel. I was lost in a litigious fog not knowing which way to turn. Ms Manning has, in a very short time frame, given concise and experienced counsel and the fog has lifted. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs legal support and counsel. I can be contacted at 01803 475702 if additional references are required.”

Mr M

“In 2006 following a dispute with a mobile phone company, Angie Manning assisted me in all correpondance, resolving the matter quickly, with professional and personable manner.

Angie kept me informed every step of the way to what was happening and I always felt at ease knowing this matter was in her hands. I cannot speak highly enough of the services she provides.”

Mr A

“I was really happy with the professional service I received in April 2014 it was exactly as described and very efficient.”

Mrs R

“The agency I was renting my hospital accommodation through were directly taking council tax out of my wages even though as a Nuse I was exempt from paying it. I provided evidence and they stopped taking the money out of my wages yet they refused to reimburse the 18 months I had already paid. I spoke to Angie who wrote them a letter and then called them and theyvrefunded all my back dated money. Nice little extra to put towards my new car!”

Mrs E

“Angie helped me to write an official letter regarding land we own. She did so professionally and non confrontational that it got us the result we wished for. Angie is a great lady and a If she can help, she will.”

Mrs R

“A chance meeting introduced us to Angie Manning who had recently set up her new business offering affordable legal support. This encounter has proved invaluable as it came at a time when the defendant in the case I was taking through the small claims procedure had the finances to enroll a solicitor.

Without the help and support of Angie there is no chance a lay person like myself (litigant) could have competed with the legal knowledge and know-how of a professional in these matters.

Angie’s legal experience brings re-assurance and her friendly manner puts you at ease. She makes you feel valued and that makes a difference. I would recommend Angie without hesitation.”

Mr D

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  • · Unconditional positive regard
  • · Strengthening our community.

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