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Is What’s Your Problem a charity?

As the Founder of What’s Your Problem?, I am often asked this question when clients contact us, as they say they have been referred to the ‘charity’ What’s Your Problem?, in Paignton. We then explain that we are not a charity at all, we’re actually a social enterprise and we say that with pride.

What’s a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that trades for the benefit of the community. It has a clear social mission and reinvests its profit to further its social objectives. There are 100,000 social enterprises in the UK, using their skills and assets to change the world around them. 

In order to give our social enterprise a legal structure that works for us we incorporated as a community interest company (CIC) and not a charity. A CIC is a type of company that exists to benefit the community and is regulated by the CIC regulator.

It runs very much the same as a limited company, but with added protection to ensure that the company profits and assets are used for public good. When I was considering the legal structure of our social enterprise, the CIC model really appealed to me as it was flexible and easy to set up, but was regulated and with an asset lock to protect our mission. It gave us a great way of tackling a wide range of social issues, while enabling us to protect our assets to further our social objectives.

For the benefit our community in Devon, we offer affordable legal support and we arrange advice for people who can’t afford to pay a solicitor. Our fees have been carefully calculated to ensure that they meet the running costs of the business. This means that we can provide value to our clients who need our support, without adding on unnecessary costs to our fees. 

Is it hard to run a social enterprise?

It can be difficult at times.  We see clients who are struggling with complex issues and their lives can be very stressful, and often it’s hard not to take that home. We must also ensure that the needs of the social enterprise are balanced with the needs of the community, which can be tricky. It is however, extremely rewarding work and we genuinely love to see positive outcomes for people who we have helped.    

At What’s Your Problem? we can arrange affordable legal advice and support for issues such as consumer rights, employment, benefit entitlement and appeals, civil court proceedings and family matters, as well as a low cost counselling service for adults and children. If you would like to discuss a problem you are facing, please contact our friendly team on 01803 524 044 or email us at

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