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Fighting for your benefits? Affordable help is available

If you believe a decision about your benefit entitlement is wrong and you appeal the decision, then you may need to attend a formal setting like a magistrates’ court to have your case heard by the tribunal. Understandably this can be a daunting experience, so it’s reassuring if you can have a knowledgeable person there with years of experience to support you. Some benefit cases can be complex and having a professional representative can help to make it a less stressful experience by explaining the process to you, making arrangements to meet you at the hearing centre and going in to the tribunal with you for support. 

Fighting for your benefits can become very overwhelming if you do not have the funds to seek legal support, especially with the lack of help available due to the withdrawal of legal aid and cutbacks in the availability of free advice and support. That’s where we can help.

What’s Your Problem? is a community interest company (CIC) and everything we do is for the benefit of the people in our community. We offer affordable legal support to our clients who cannot afford to pay a solicitor and we take the time to really understand your situation. Our highly experienced welfare benefits specialists are skilled at making opening submissions, making helpful interventions, pointing out relevant information, summing up and dealing with any legal issues which may arise throughout the course of the appeal. We have achieved excellent results with a high success rate and if we find that a decision does not go in your favour, we can advise you on appealing to the upper tier tribunal.

Our fixed price Local Benefit Tribunal Representation Package includes an initial telephone consultation, meeting you at the local Newton Abbot Tribunal Centre, interviewing you beforehand, attending the hearing with you and advising on the decision reached by the tribunal. In most cases we can arrange to attend with you at short notice.  

Our Benefit Tribunal Representation Package is a set fee of £150. For further details please contact us on 01803 524044 for a no obligation free telephone consultation. If you would like us to attend a hearing which is not in Newton Abbot please do contact us to discuss this further.

*Terms & Conditions. Your case must be suitable for the Tribunal Representation Package we offer and heard in Newton Abbot. You will need to provide your written consent for us to act on your behalf and to comply with data protection. The package will only be provided where cleared funds are received in advance and we reserve the right to decline cases where there is a conflict of interest or our overriding duty is compromised. 

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