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Civil Court Proceedings

Going to court alone can be a daunting experience. The small claims track (sometimes known as the small claims court) is a court procedure designed for lower value claims. It is less formal and more accessible to litigants in person, so they don’t need to instruct a lawyer. There are still rules that you must comply with and some people have lost their claim or had judgment entered against them because they have not fully understood the procedure or what is required of them.  

If you are involved in civil court proceedings, or you are contemplating issuing a claim, it is best to seek legal advice as early as possible. If you are unable to afford legal advice then we may be able to help you access free legal advice, find representation or assist you in court.

It can be reassuring to have someone with years of experience to support you and we can provide as much or as little help as you need. Some things you might need help with are organising your documents, understanding court orders, completing forms, talking to other agencies, finding an expert witness, understanding the civil procedure rules or taking notes. We can also help you to negotiate with the other party to try and reach an agreement before any court hearing. If you are required to attend a hearing, we can go with you. Our clients find this service particularly helpful when they cannot afford legal representation.

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